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Style sessions

This is what the Markel Style is all about.

For nearly a century, the values in the Markel Style have been the foundation of our longevity and success. It's takes generations of people to keep values like these alive, and these are some of the people who do just that.

Joanne Cichon-Feeney and Markel Group

Joanne may be the only person who can take you through a Sarbanes-Oxley internal controls test and have you smiling and laughing the entire way. She is the Controller for Markel Ventures, and she lives the Markel Style in every way.

Brandon Ancarrow and Markel

Some call him the Steven Spielberg of Markel for making the pictures move. Others call him the Ted Lasso of Markel Group for inspiring and energizing us all. Whatever you call him, Brandon Ancarrow lives the Markel Style, and this is his story.

Phil Hutson and Markel Food Group

Phil Hutson from Markel Food Group has been a transformative force for the Reading Bakery Systems team in Indianapolis. He embodies our values with his actions, not just his words.

Elizabeth Pitts and State National Companies

We'd like to give a Texas-sized hat tip to Markel Style Award winner Elizabeth Pitts from State National Companies (SNC). In this episode, you'll learn how she lives the values in the Markel Style every day.

Diego Barahona and Costa Farms

The culture at Costa Farms is electric. In this episode, you'll learn how Diego Barahona joined the company, and what he has accomplished there since.

Mechelle Parham and Markel

This is a story about the power of grit and determination. In this episode, you'll learn how Mechelle Parham joined Markel, and her impact on the company in the time since.

Dr. Jim Mumper and PartnerMD

Jim Mumper, M.D. co-founded PartnerMD 20 years ago because he believed that the best way to shape long-term health outcomes is to build long-term relationships with patients. He was right, listen to his story.

Dave Washburn and Markel

With a museum heist and FBI sting, this might be the most exciting claims story at Markel. Watch this episode, to learn how Dave Washburn and team recovered a very important historical object.

John Witt and Lansing Building Products

Sometimes a chance encounter can change your life. In this episode, you'll learn how John Witt ended up at Lansing Building Products and what he has done there in the 38 years since.

Katie Rubino and Markel

Katie Rubino joined Markel as a receptionist 15 years ago. This is the story of what happened next.

Alex Green and Ellicott Dredges

Alex Green walked into the doors of Ellicott Dredges 46 years ago. He's had every single job on that shop floor since, and he embodies the Markel Style.